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Music Lessons in Hagerstown MD

"My son, Logan, has been attending guitar lessons with Mr. Tim for over  2 years now. Mr. Tim is a very patient and skilled teacher.  Logan has made tremendous progress and enjoys going every week. Tim's studio is convenient for us and ideal for anyone in the greater Greencastle area. Mr. Tim does a great job working from music books as well as assigning students musical tasks related to music they may be interested in.  My husband, Pete, has also started lessons with Mr. Tim and he enjoys learning from the guitar book as well as some riffs from Rush and Metallica. We highly recommend Mr. Tim to anyone."        Kathy Tytus


Guitar Lessons in Hagerstown MD

"Tim is a wonderful teacher and musician.  We appreciate his patience with our 2 kids and the progress they are making.  We really like Tim's teaching style, assigning pieces that he can accompany during the lesson time.  This gives the student an opportunity to hear their contribution to a more complex work.  We started our oldest son with Tim 5 years ago followed by our middle son almost 3 years ago.  We hope to convince our youngest son to take up piano or guitar under Tim's fine instruction."      Brett and Julie Strausser  

   "Quality instruction that transcends all genres, delivered in a manner that is easily accessible to all. Whether you're young or old, picking up an instrument for the first time, or have some experience, Tim's got something for everyone in his comprehensive teaching sessions focusing on the development of musical ability and the refinement of technique. Growing up I had the privilege of having Tim as both my friend and mentor for almost a decade, and the knowledge I gained during that time was invaluable. He helped me broaden my musical horizons, tought me both the fundamentals and finer points of piano and guitar playing, and helped lay the foundation for my musical career. Without his instruction, I would not be where I am today, and for that I am grateful."
Zack Uchima - Guitars & Keyboards for Matinee@Midnight 


"Mr. Hellane was my answer to learning the classical guitar. My parents called him in August, to prepare me for upcoming BISFA tryouts. I was told that I was not ready to be in a school, because I needed to gain more understanding of the guitar. I had only 5 months before the next auditions and I needed alot of work. Mr. Hellane, took so much time to teach me everything I needed to know. He knew exactly what the panel of judges were looking for and led me to picking the right pieces to play for them. He made sure I stayed on track and pushed me to learning more than I ever thought I could learn in such a short time. Not only did he teach me how to read music, but he also taught me different genres of music. I really enjoyed working with Mr. Hellane and I feel that he is the reason that I could go on to follow my dreams. Without him, I don't believe I would have ever gotten into this school. If you are looking for a teacher who is going to actually teach you to love the instrument you are interested in, then please give him a call." 

Aaron Powell - Barbara Ingram School of Fine Arts

  "Tim Hellane is wonderful teacher and all around great guy. He was such an amazing instructor, we had all three of our children in private lessons within two weeks of first meeting him. My son Aaron, was given the most informative instruction in classical guitar. Our sole purpose was for Aaron to get lessons, before trying out for Barbara Ingram School of Fine Arts, where he was not only accepted, but was asked where Aaron received his teaching. Mr. Hellane was always very professional, but showed a great deal of patience for all of my children. He treated all three of my children as individuals and let them learn at a pace that was comfortable for them. His knowledge of not only classical guitar, but also bass guitar for my other son and piano for my daughter, was refreshing. We especially loved how he had the children playing songs within only a few weeks of starting. This kept the kids interested and wanting to learn more. If you are looking for a teacher who will take the time to give you a real understanding of your instrument, then Tim Hellane is the person to call."     

Pastor Leon and Carrie Powell

  "My 10 year old son has been taking lessons for 2 years, and every time I turn around, he has his guitar in his hands - he loves to play. Tim's encouragement and flexible teaching style has developed his skill and fostered a love of music. My 6 year old has been watching the lessons and asked to learn piano. She's just beginning, but Tim's teaching seems to easily adapt to a younger student. She's learning quickly and having fun."                

 Amy Hicks 

  "Tim has been an inspirational individual from the start of my lessons.  A talented musician and composer, Tim still takes pride in imparting his knowledge to the student, regardless of their level. If you have a desire to play the guitar, I feel your time and money would be well invested at Musician's Quest."    

Randy Gorman

 "Professional...affordable and efficient at teaching the guitar. Whether you are just getting started or have been playing for years, Tim will make you better!!" 

Cynthia Dowling 

  "I have been playing guitar for approximately 28 years. During this time, I have taken lessons from many instructors. It wasn't until I began taking lessons from Tim Hellane that I realized, just because you know how to play does not necessarily mean you know how to teach. My previous instructors  were excellent musicians, but they lacked the skill to teach their talent to the student. Tim is an extremely talented musician as well as a phenomenal instructor. Tim doesn't just show you how to play, he teaches you to understand what you are playing as well. I would highly recommend Tim to anyone as their instructor."       

Scott Peterson

 "My son showed almost no interest in music until he began taking guitar lessons with Mr. Tim. Now he not only enjoys playing his guitar, but he has excitedly accumulated other guitars to add to his repertoire. I feel great relief as a homeschooling mother, knowing that my son is gaining musical experience as well as a valuable skill. I also feel great satisfaction when friends who are musicians comment on how impressed they are by my son's classical guitar playing at such a young age."   

 Stephanie Ziebarth

 "In the short time that I took lessons, I was able to learn from Mr. Tim in a way that made it enjoyable and easy. I am sure that I will be able to use what I have learned to continue to play. Guitar is easy and fun if you set your mind to it, as is piano, and you will be able to use the skills you acquire for the rest of your lives."    

Trae Oyler

  "Tim Hellane is a fantastic music teacher. He has been teaching one of my kids guitar, and another piano, for past two or three years. Tim is very kind patient and he makes learning to play an instrument an enjoyable experience."   

Virginia Culver

  "When my youngest child decided she wanted to play the guitar I contacted a number of places around the area in attempts of getting her a teacher.  Because of her young age everyone said no except Tim Hellane.  He was great right from the start instructing what type of guitar would best fit for her.  She has been learning from Tim for several years now.  She just loves going to lessons every week.  I recommend his teaching services to anyone who wants to learn guitar or piano.  He’s such a great teacher."

Melissa Alexander-Coleman

  "I'd like to give a testimonial for a great piano and guitar teacher, Tim Hellane. He recently moved to Hagerstown and is looking to increase his student base. He taught Ryan how to play piano (contemporary - Coldplay, Greenday, etc., not as much classical) and acoustic guitar for about 4 years. I also took piano lessons from Tim for about a year. He's a great teacher, who tailors his teaching style to the particular student, and his rates are very reasonable. He also is a very skilled piano tuner."       

Sue E.

  "My son has been taking guitar lessons from Mr. Tim since he was just shy of 8 years old. Ryan really wanted to learn how to play the guitar. He was undoubtedly far too young to start lessons and we were discouraged to try from other providers. We were hoping just to have him learn to make a few pleasant sounding sounds on the instrument for now, learn to enjoy music, and begin to learn the value of practice. Mr. Tim taught Ryan to play recognizable songs and tunes from the first day. He enjoys playing for family and friends and his skills have given him the confidence to try new things in other areas as well. We can’t thank Mr. Tim enough for his gentle patience and encouragement. It is worth driving to Hagerstown, in the rain, during the work week, with a toddler in tow."     

 Diane Halstead

  "This guy is awesome. He has the patience of a saint. I truly believe he is gifted in teaching. I've watched him working with my son for over a year, and his skills work with and encourage him to play on. He has a very relaxed atmosphere ;a person feels really welcome with him." 

 Kim Sechrist

  "I took lessons from Mr. Tim for a year. In that time, he helped me with the beginning notes and chords. That then led to more complicated guitar playing. I could have never taught myself that much in a year. The cool thing Mr. Tim does is that he doesn't stick directly to the book. I came in one day singing a song from the radio and he taught the chords for that song. From then on, we practiced that song, along with the book work. It was fun to learn something on the guitar outside of the book. Mr. Tim knows so much about guitar. He can play almost anything. It is so fun to play and have him playing along with you. It is one of the coolest things. It gives you confidence. If you mess up, he waits for you. He is patient and always willing to help you improve. I was a slow learner and I didn't practice enough. But he stuck with me and helped me, every step of the way. I am very thankful for the time he gave up for my lessons to help me improve in my skills. He taught me enough to go on my own and play."         

 Kaci Oyler 

  "Searching for a better approach to learn the keyboard and understand the principles of music, I signed up for lessons with Tim Hellane of Musician's Quest. Part of Tim's innovative approach is to teach his students to play by ear as well as by notation. Lesson books are optional and the instruction is tailored to the students learning capability. This approach helped me understand how music is written and established a great foundation for learning. Tim is open to teaching his students to play the kind of music they like rather then forcing them to follow rigid instruction manuals which could ultimately cause a loss of interest in playing a musical instrument. Regardless of your age or level of musical talent, I highly recommend you pursue a learning experience with Tim Hellane. With his method of instruction you will successfully master the instrument/s of your choice."     

Connie Slye

" Tim has been my guitar instructor for approximately four years now.  He is always very patient with me and encourages me to do my best, however, he never gets frustrated whenever a song or a lesson just isn't working out that way it is supposed to.  Tim is an incredible musician, and his lessons not only are meaningful, they are FUN at the same time.  He always encourages me to practice more, however, if life gets in the way and I don't get to, he never faults me for it.  Just this year, my son Thomas started taking lessons from Tim and he is progressing so fast!!!  He LOVES playing the guitar and I think he is truly found something that he can call, "his thing."  Thank you Tim for being an AWESOME guitar instructor to both of us.  I will highly recommend you to anyone and everyone I know who wants to play!!!  
Mark Forrest

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